John Deans

Unlike most of the group I came to Art late. Up until six years ago my creative outlet was screen writing. But that is another story.

I joined a local Art Club, to find that I was one of only two abstract painters in the group. But Abstract Art is what I wanted to paint, not for me landscapes, still life or portraits.
I wanted to splash colour and paint onto canvas and the bigger the canvas the better.

I tried not to be influenced by anyone. Preferring to try to develop my own style. However as I delved into the Art world I found that it was impossible to be totally original.
I fell in love with the work of my fellow Glaswegian: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and went on to discover Miro, Klimt, Pollock, Kandinsky and Mondrian.

I have recently been lucky enough to be accepted by The New Road Artists. A group of very talented Artists, whose work impressed me immensely. Their encouragement and advice have enabled me to feel free to explore new techniques and various media.
I feel that I am still very early in my Art journey, but I am enjoying it more each day.


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September 25, 2019

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