Petra Miles-Klomp

My paintings do reflect two of the main interests in my life: photography and nature/gardening.

Photography, especially black and white photography, has taught me to look for different textures and contrasts in a composition and it has also has influenced the way I try unusual viewpoints and ‘crop’ an image.

Most of my paintings are based on observations in nature, for instance pebbles on the beach or the bark of a tree. I use a sketchbook and a camera to assist in the process of active looking.

When painting I set myself different tasks, sometimes it is the technical aspect which prevails other times the expression of an emotion is more important. Then there is also the sheer fun of building an image through the manipulation of the paint. Each painting is a journey in itself and together they contribute to my overall development and existence as an artist.

I prefer to work in oil. I have exhibited and sold my work in group exhibitions and Open Studios in London and Hampshire.

I studied art and art history mainly in evening and weekend lectures at Winchester School of Art and the Juno Studio with Catherine Barnes.

I received the Bell Fine Art award in 2002.



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October 23, 2019

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