Dorothy Holden

My paintings are usually concerned with ideas arising from the changes and adaptations that time imposes on all matter. Patterns, marks and shapes of the past, continually re-formed by man and nature, take on new meanings.

Whether the starting point comes from natural objects or phenomena, landscape or man-made structures, the development into the final abstract image Is reached by the constant reworking of colour, shapes, texture and surface. As I never start a painting with a pre-conceived image, this process controls the stages and changes of development.

Recently, I have been combining several paintings as background and collage to form a new image, which, conceptually and practically, is a response to my ideas on mutation and transition.

I use acrylic paint on heavy, medium-sized watercolour paper, in either square or rectangular format, for both paintings and collages.

I show my work regularly in a variety of group exhibitions and events.


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September 25, 2019

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