Tessa Coe

My early life was, thanks to my father, very academic. It was also, thanks to my Italian mother, vibrant and visual. These two sides to my understanding of the world are still very much with me; I have a science degree from Imperial College and I paint from the heart.

The artists I go back to time and time again for inspiration are Albert Irvin, Gillian Ayres, Patrick Heron and Richard Diebenkorn.

My paintings are mostly inspired by the biological sciences. Through them I explore the tiny world of molecules and the amazing way that biological systems develop and interact. I concentrate in each piece on pattern and surface as I attempt to convey the complexity of the living world. My painting surfaces are often fractured, suggesting motion or change, but the patterns go deep and are built in layers. I want to draw you into the magic.

Colour is very important to me, and comes from the sheer delight in the beauty of Nature and its astonishing ways. Sometimes vibrant, sometimes subtle, I try with each piece to take you just little way beyond the everyday.

More information about my work is available on my website: www.tessa-coe.work


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August 20, 2019

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