Ian Case

I find the act of painting abstract images considerably more demanding than figurative work. In the latter, the viewer’s eye is familiar with the world and it only takes a suggestive mark or two for the brain to know what the artist is conveying.

It is very different with abstract pieces because there are few clues to guide the viewer. For this reason my work falls into two categories.

Firstly, there is the work that I develop, literally, by abstraction – taking parts of a figurative drawing, often done on location or a portrait and developing them into shapes and colours that are one or more stages removed from reality.  Examples of these on this web site are Mull from Morvern, Dorset Window, From Sketch no 5,the portraits of medieval clowns known as Saltimbancos, Trapeze Lady, and Guitar Man

Secondly, there are abstract images that have little or no origin in the real world but are simply shapes and colours that work together.  Abstract Concept and Blue Design are examples.

When the challenge of abstracting becomes too great, I revert to more representational pieces or simply sketching in the street. It stops me from going mad!


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August 20, 2019

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